About Sisoo

I'm Sarah, the designer behind SISOO. I make jewelry right here in the good old USA, in my sunny Los Angeles studio. My modern vintage-inspired collection includes dramatic conversation pieces you'll want to wear to your most special occasions, as well as everyday go-to delicate pieces you can pop on with lipstick and a pony-tail and head out the door feeling like a million bucks!


I have been making jewelry since the fourth grade. After so many years, I have become an expert in sourcing the most unique components and supplies from around the world to make my pieces fashion-forward, but much more special than something mass-produced from a department store. I am completely self-taught and truly cherish the production process of each design. My crystals and gemstones are all hand-selected and set by hand with love and care. Nothing is mass-produced, everything is made with love while keeping you, the customer, in mind and how you will feel when you wear the jewelry I make. My jewelry-making philosophy mimics my life philosophy: "love is in the details."




I grew up in Syracuse, NY, where jewelry-making was a big part of my childhood. I first taught myself on a loom with seed beads and dental floss, and sold my creations to my 4th grade classmates. My big sister sat with me in the backseat of my mom's wood-sided station wagon while I counted my first entrepreneurial $127. I'll never forget when she exclaimed, "you could be a jewelry designer when you grow up!" The dream was born.

As a fresh college grad, I headed straight to New York and worked in the industry, where I learned about advanced production methods and the business of jewelry. I stayed up very late in my tiny NYC apartment exploring different tools, supplies and jewelry styles. I began outfitting my sisters and friends, welcomed orders from brides-to-be and their bridesmaids, put on trunk shows for friends and their friends, and eventually expanded to this online shop as my way of connecting with more customers. Wherever you are in the world, I feel so lucky that my jewelry has connected us here! 


Growing up, my father incessantly celebrated his Finnish heritage, particularly the philosophy sisu, the Finn's culture-wide mentality of determination, courage and inner strength that allows you to achieve anything"Sisoo" is a spin on this word; I named my work in honor of my dad, who passed away in 1999. I am so grateful he instilled the sisu mentality in me. I lean into my sisu personally and professionally everyday. My hope is that in wearing my jewelry, you will lean into your sisu too.